Thank you for your interest in supporting ASNL and our families!

Program Volunteers
ASNL offers a variety of programs both on and off site at our four offices (St. John’s, Clarenville, Grandfalls-Windsor, Corner Brook). Program volunteers allow for increase support to each participant which, in turn, makes everyone feel more connected and successful!

Event Volunteers
As a non-profit organization ASNL relies heavily on fundraising efforts. Our events are only possible with the help and support of our many volunteers. These events require a lot of human resources and we are always looking for passionate volunteers to help organize, plan and take part.

ABA Therapy and Respite Care

Many times our families will reach out searching for a ABA Therapist or Respite Care for their loved one; these are paid positions and hours can range from 10/week to 40+/week. When families reach out we regularly send along their job advertisements to our volunteers.

Volunteer Application Link: https://forms.office.com/r/FJQ1BLU9VX

Any Questions or concerns please contact:

Manager, Client Services
Sarah White