Climbing at Wallnuts

In small groups participants will work with Wallnuts coaches to learn rock climbing skills. Caregivers are asked to accompany their children during the first lesson and if needed, maybe asked to continue attending to support their loved one. Contact for more information on this program

Digital Game Creation with Sassy Tuna

Due to small class sizes, Digital Game Creation classes are student-driven allowing each student to work on their own project. In Digital Game Creation Classes, students are encouraged to make all their own game graphics, including characters, decorations, platforms, etc., and are guided through the process of creating different types of games. During the classes, students will be taught troubleshooting, accountability, self-confidence, and social skills, and will have the chance to test each other’s games while learning to provide constructive feedback, and applying the critiques from their peers. Contact for more information

Art Classes at Sassy Tuna

Art Classes at Sassy Tuna involve focus, incremental learning, and methodical process in a supportive and encouraging environment. Projects take anywhere from 1-3 week sessions, with roughly 20 projects total per year, per student. The lessons are based on anything from animation drawing (character design), Photoshop and digital painting, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, pencil-crayon, perspective drawing, pencil studies and shading, still-life, sculpture, and are structured to accommodate many tastes. Many of the lesson aims require years of mastery, so the students come to understand patience and incremental recognition of success. Contact for more information on this program

Art Therapy at Coastal Health

At Art Therapy, people make artwork as a means of self-expression while being encouraged to explore the meaning in their art. Art Therapy can be empowering for children or adults who feel ambivalence or experience difficulty speaking about life experiences. Art Therapy has been proven to offer participants benefits such as: enhanced self-esteem and emotional self-awareness; relaxation and increased resiliency to stress; improved coping and problem-solving skills; and expression of emotions and catharsis. To book an appointment, contact William by email at

Gymnastics at Cygnus

In Gymnastics at Cygnus, participants learn basic motor skills such as running, jumping, balancing and throwing in a fun and safe environment. In Adaptive Needs Gymnastics the curriculum outcomes are flexible and developed around each participants needs instead of being based on a pre-determined level system.  This means that there is less pressure on the participants to perform, and more space for them to have fun and move freely in the ways that feel best to them and fit their needs the most. Kids can explore the facility and learn to move in play with a caregiver in a safe and encouraging environment. Contact for more information on this program

Horse Discovery at Rainbow Riders

Horse Discovery is an unmounted program which allows participants to interact with therapy horses and learn about horse care.  A typical Horse Discovery lesson can involve learning to interact and care for the horses during grooming, leading the horse, feeding, etc. Horse Discovery is taught by a CanTRA certified instructor, or an instructor candidate under the supervision of a certified instructor. Contact for more information on this program

Private Swim Lessons

Students of all ages can work one-on-one with their instructor towards setting and achieving goals around water safety, swimming skills or water play at the pace they set themselves. For more information, contact

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