Join us for a casual hike through Pippy Park

Join us for a casual hike through Pippy Park on Thursday November 10th, rain or shine. Please note that pre-registration for this event is required. To register, contact

This is an opportunity to learn more about hiking outdoors with others who are new to adventuring as well. Although this hike is un-guided, maps will be available, and participants can feel free to walk as quickly or slowly as they may like to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

The trails consist of a combination of rugged and groomed terrain that spans across both wooded and wetland regions, and urban areas along Allandale Road.

We will meet at the Autism society main entrance for a short meet and greet, followed by a safety orientation before hikers disperse to explore the trails.

It is anticipated that faster groups might complete the trail network in an hour, but those who wish to explore meandering trails along the way could take much longer depending on how much exploration they wish to engage in. We will have people at the meeting area between 2:00 and 6:00 pm to connect with hikers who arrive at any time throughout the event, and the main entrance can act as a home-base for snacks and social time too. We would like to have a campfire and roast snacks as part of a social activity following the hike.

The goal of this event is to provide participants time to socialize with their peers in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment, with the opportunity to get physically active while exploring the trails of Pippy Park. Let us know what “inclusivity and ease of access” means for you upon registration, and we will do our best to ensure everyone’s needs are accommodated!

We recognize that due to the nature of the location for this event, it’s likely that it will not be accessible to those who rely on the use of mobility aids. Due to the hazards present throughout the Park, we ask that any participants who might require supervision attend with someone who can be responsible to provide that supervision; staff will be present to help offer navigational assistance to any lost hikers, but due to the size of the park they will not be able to ensure the supervision of all attendees. Any participants who might appreciate the use of noise cancelling headphones or sunglasses are also encouraged to bring them along, as the traffic along Allandale Road can be busy at times if the hiker’s chosen route brings them along that part of the trail.

Age Group: 18 +

When: Thursday, November 10th 2:00 pm

Where: Pippy Park Campground Overflow

Cost: Free to our ASNL Community

Contact: Danielle or Abigail


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