Be Cool for Autism

We want to spread the word that it’s cool to accept and embrace the differences and needs of others and you can help us! Be Cool for Autism will take place on Monday, April 4, 2022.

Be Cool for Autism is a province-wide event aimed to help raise autism awareness and understanding, while raising funds for ASNL’s educational and awareness programs. Be Cool for Autism encourages schools, workplaces, organizations and individuals to wear their sunglasses to spread the message of understanding and embracing neurodiversity.

How can you take part in Be Cool for Autism?

This part is really easy!

  • Simply wear your sunglasses
  • Share a selfie or group photo with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #BeCoolForAutism
  • Tag us @AutismSocietyNL
  • Click the Donate button

What do I need?

Just some sunglasses and a positive attitude. After all, it’s cool to embrace the differences of everyone!

What if I don’t have sunglasses?

This is also totally cool as we have created a graphic that can be downloaded here. Many groups are choosing this route so everyone’s glasses are the same. You can even colour them or design them however you want!

Where can I donate my money?

Fundraised money can be donated online here or in person to any of the four Autism Society, Newfoundland and Labrador offices.

Downloadable Materials

What does it mean to be an ally?

I am an ally because… – Draw a picture

I am an ally – Coloring page

Be Cool for Autism Glasses Cut Out

Be Cool For Autism Poster


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